WOCMES Seville 2018 will screen a selection of award-winning films from the most representative festivals of the Middle East and North Africa. This Film Festival will also be enriched with documentaries and short films.

Among all the different topics that the films will tackle and not forgetting the general frame of WOCMES which will be portraying the heritage received from Al Andalus period, it is worthy to hightlight the situation of Woman in the Middle East by portrayting their daily life stories. Indeed, special attention will be paid to the work of female directors from various countries, including renowned filmmakers who have earned industry recognition as well as upcoming promises.

Thanks to the generous cooperation of distributors, directors and producers, this film festival final programme will encompass a wide range of representative audiovisual work across many of the themes and discicplines that are going to be discussed in the academic sesasions, such has water and environement, dispora, islamic and jewish studies and the forementioned Women.

The films will be shown in the main building of the University of Seville, coinciding with the Congress session times, as well as in the auditorium of the Hassan II Pavilion, headquarters of the Thee Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation (organisers of WOCMES Seville 2018), in afternoons and evenings. Schedule and titles coming soon !!!!

Muestra de cine en WOCMES 2018 Sevilla

Film Fest Agenda


C/ San Fernando, no 4. Seville.

Monday 16th: 14:30 – 19:35h.
Tuesday 17th: 10:00 – 18:51h.
Wednesday 18th: 10:00 – 18:55h.
Thursday 19th: 10:00 – 19:15h.
Friday 20th: 10:00 – 14:38h.

Monday 16th

14:30h. Sonita. 90 min.
16:00h. Women’s voices from Damascus. 52 min.
16:52h. Mustang. 97 min.
18: 30h. Camera /Woman. 59 min.
19:30h. Prayer of Mothers. (video clip) 5 min.

Tuesday 17th:

10:00h. Islam’s wedding and other bedouin stories from the Naqab. 55 min. 10:55h. Écoutez-nous. 2.50 min.
11:00h. Marrying before Allah. Personal stories of converts. 55 min. 12:00h. Couscous: Seeds of dignity. 60 min.
13:00h. Mah. 25 min.
13:40h. Report from World 3. 100 min.
15:20h. Hunna: Mothers of the Revolu\on. 21 min. 15:45h. Boxing for freedom. 74 min.
17:00h. Rock the Casbah. 100 min.
18:40h. Hartom. 11 min.
13:30h. Thasakoorth. 6 min

Wednesday 18th:

10:00h. Breaking Silence. 40 min.
10:40h. Écoutez-nous. 2.50 min.
10:45h. Casablanca Calling. 74 min.
12:00h. Mis raíces nómadas. 33 min.
12:40h. H’na Barra (Nous, dehors). 52 min.
13:35h. Al-Andalus: the heritage of the moors. 43 min. 14:20h. CaleidoscopiCasa. 47 min.
15:10h. Feminism inshallah: A history of arab feminism. 52 min.
16:05h. Pour une Nouvelle Seville/They were promised the sea. 72 min. 17:20h. Wadja. La bicicleta verde. 98 min.

Thursday 19th:

10:00h. Couscous: Seeds of dignity. 60 min.
11:00h. Fragments de rêves. 75 min.
12:15h. The dis/appered: 25 notes on colonial regimes of percep\on. 33 min. 12:50h. Inner mapping. 51 min.
13:45h. Nahid. 106 min.
15:30h. Parched. 116 min
17:25h. Bar Bahar. 96 min.
19:02h. Arab Spring: Reloaded – Short: “Gender” / “Genera\ons”. 12 min.

Friday 20th:

10:00h. Mustang. 97 min.
11:40h. InterRives COPEAM. 60 min. First Gallery. 13 min The crew of beauty. 13 min. Quest for iden\ty through the heritage. 13 min. Tracing a legacy. 13 min. 12:40h. Fa\ma. 79 min
14:00h. Al-Andalus: the heritage of the moors. 43 min.
Videoclips (Andalucía, Your roots)

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