WOCMES’ University Fair aims to serve as a channel for the promotion of Universities’ Summer Programs. This Call for University Fair and its regulations are intended to facilitate and ensure the normal development of the activity.

Registration Form

Location and Dates

1st floor, over Pier Paolo Pasolini Space
University of Seville
C/ San Fernando, nº 4.
Seville. Spain
July 16 - 20, 2018.


In order to participate the registration form as well as a receipt of the payment must be sent by e-mail to the person responsible for the University Fair, Antonio Barneto:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The deadline for registrations is May 18th, 2018. If the number of registered booths is higher than the available exhibition area, the booths will be distributed according to a strict order of entry.

• WOCMES’ University Fair registration form which is available in this link.
• Agreement of terms, abiding by all terms, conditions, and regulations as outlined in this Call for Universities.
• Proof of payment of the registration fee for the requested booths:
◦ Recipient: Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation (C.I.F. G-41942681)
◦ Address of the recipient: Pabellón Hassan II – C/ Max Planck 2 – Isla de la Cartuja – Seville 41092. Spain
◦ Name of the Bank: LA CAIXA
◦ Bank Address: C/ Sierpes, 85, pl. 2. 41004 - Sevilla
◦ Bank account number: 2100 9166 7222 0015 7964
◦ IBAN (electronic format): ES1621009166722200157964
◦ IBAN (paper format): IBAN ES16 2100 9166 7222 0015 7964

The costs resulting from the international wire transfer will be borned by the participant.

Without compliance with the aforementioned requirements, no registration will be valid for participation.


Booth Equipment

University Single Booths are supplied with 1 table, two chairs, 1 waste basket, and ID sign. Includes one individual registration (badges).

One extra badge, maximum, is available and may be ordered at time of booth registration before May 18th, 2018. After this date, the extra badge can be purchased at WOCMES’ registration desk during the celebration of the Congress.

Booth rates

Single Booth: 450€, taxes included.
(2 m W x 0,80 m D // 78.74in W x 31,49in D)

Extra Badge: 100€, taxes included. (1 maximum).

Booth Use

Each exhibitor will occupy exclusively the interior space of his booth, not being allowed to occupy any other place outside the University Fair, either as a sale or simple exhibition.

The user of the booth will respond to his condition at the end of the University Fair, being obliged to replenish the material that suffers any type of deterioration from his account. Any physical modification of this space is prohibited.

The WOCMES University Fair Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse any request for exhibit space, and the right to curtail any exhibit which does not conform to these regulations.


Booths will be all initially assigned by Lottery. By submitting your booth registration form to the aforementioned email addresses in due time, you will automatically be entered into the Lottery, meant to give everyone an equal chance when it comes to the location of the booth in the floor plan.

Floor Plan

Click here for the Floor Plan.

University Fair

All Universities are required to attend their booth during University Fair open hours, which will be the following:

Monday  July 16 From 10 am to 19 pm
Tuesday  July 17  From 10 am to 19 pm
Wednesday  July 18  From 10 am to 19 pm
Thursday  July 19  From 10 am to 19 pm
Friday  July 20  From 10 am to 13 pm

Move in and move out schedule:

Move in Sunday July 15 From 10 am to 19 pm
Move out Friday July 20 From 1pm to 15 pm

Badge Policy

PLEASE NOTE: Only authorized persons WITH UNIVERSITY RIBBONS/BADGES are allowed into WOCMES University Fair area during Universities move-in day (Agreement of Terms, No. 6).

Badges will get you into all WOCMES functions. Your booth registration entitles you to one complimentary badge, which may be ordered at time of booth registration before May 18th, 2018. After this date, the extra badge can be purchased at WOCMES’ registration desk during the celebration of the Congress.

Non-liability clause. Security.

It is agreed that neither the University Fair Organizing Committee, nor the WOCMES Seville 2018 Secretariat, nor any other organization or persons connected with this congress shall be liable or responsible for any loss, fire, theft, damage, or injury that may occur to the property of the exhibitor. Therefore, it is required that the interested parties attend their booths during the University Fair open hours.

We ask that you be diligent at all times, especially during OPEN and, as an added measure, please consider removing expensive items from your booth when WOCMES is closed.

Payment and cancellation policy

Method of payment is only via international wire transfer.
100% will be refunded if written notification is received by May 18, 2018 and the management expenses will be deducted of the entire booth rate. Cancellations received after this date are NOT eligible for refund.

Please, send all cancellation requests via email to Antonio Barneto:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Modification of the regulations

If the circumstances so require, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to modify the content of the regulations of this Call for Universities, without the possibility of appeal by the universities.

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