feria libroWOCMES’ Book Exhibition means to serve as a gathering point for sector professionals interested in subjects involving the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean. It aims not just to stimulate interest in books concerning the Middle East and North Africa, but also to become a forum where ideas, experiences and tendencies coexist. University presses and publishing houses are welcome to offer the latest publications in this field.

Essential to WOCME's Book Exhibition is the Cooperative Book Display. If you are the author of an independently published book or a small press with few Middle East titles, consider promoting your publication in WOCMES's Cooperative Book Display.

Still have questions?

Contact WOCMES Book Exhibition Coordinator, Olga Cuadrado at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +34 954088050.


Pier Paolo Pasolini Space
University of Seville
C/ San Fernando, nº 4
Seville. Andalucia. Spain

Attendance Policy

WOCMES's Book Exhibition is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. However, all other WOCMES functions require registration.

Open Hours

Monday, July 16: 10 am - 19 pm
Tuesday, July 17: 10 am - 19 pm
Wednesday, July 18: 10 am - 19 pm
Thursday, July 19: 10 am - 19 pm
Friday, July 20: 10 am - 13 pm

Floor plan

CLICK HERE to view the floor plan.

Exhibitor Info

Booths will initially be assigned by Lottery. The deadline to participate in the Booth Lottery is May 18, 2018. CLICK HERE if you would like more information regarding how to become an exhibitor in WOCMES' Book Exhibition.